Videos about GSM termination and Antrax solution

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Antrax installation and management made simple:

In this video you will find out how easy to install and work with our gui to control calls.

ANTRAX GUI install


ANTRAX voice channel monitoring

ANTRAX states of voice sever in GUI

ANTRAX GUI sessions

ANTRAX monitoring of software modules

ANTRAX gateway statistics

ANTRAX SIM group report

ANTRAX SIM history


ANTRAX PIN removing

ANTRAX adding new devices, creating GSM and SIM groups

VoIP/GSM termination technology and components:

In this video you will learn what is VoIP termination, SIM-box, GSM gateway and SIM-server.

VoIP Termination

What is SIM box

What is GSM gateway

What is SIM server